Senior Group
Senior Group
Between the ages of 4.5 and 7, children learn to work, play, build relationships, cooperate with each other, and function as a group
outside of the family. We sing, dance and play a lot together
Mathematics of numbers, shapes, measurements
Literacy, including reading and writing
Understanding the world: people, society, technology
Art, Creativity and Design
Development of attention and assiduity
Communication and Language
Physical development
Music and rhythm
Children will learn counting, sorting, matching, finding sequences, and working with numbers, shapes, space, and measures.

They develop physical skills: mobility, understanding of space, and fine and gross motor skills.
Literacy (including reading and writing) develops: interest in reading and writing is discovered in different ways, under the guidance of an older person or by the child's initiative. Children begin by singing, reading nursery rhymes and rhyming games. The development of writing preparation and coordination skills is supported through fun and regular activities
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