Every day of your child's life will be filled with well-rounded development, gentle care, and lots of fantastic moments as it is a time of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development and learning about the environment
We must pay attention to a child's fine motor skills, because the development of the hands is connected to the development of speech and thinking
Fine motor skills
We introduce math into a child's life as a natural part of it, to reinforce the theory learned in practice
Numbers and counting
We help children learn how to act in a group, to learn the basic principles of communication
As hand and eye coordination develop, children will begin to draw and color beyond doodles,
and learn to hold and use pencils, brushes, scissors, and glue.

We also have a strong emphasis on musical
and physical development. We do exercises and dance
to music. We walk a lot in the fresh air and study the world around us.
Happy Elephant is the ideal social environment for your child to develop positive relationships with their peers, as well as the skills necessary to communicate with adults.

At Happy Elephant your child will begin to expand their English vocabulary with nursery rhymes, songs and picture books. He will begin to develop listening skills and be able to look at books on his own in the reading area. Your child will begin to understand and respond to simple requests.
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