Why it matters to us
top teachers
Nursery graduates
years of successful work in Moscow
It's important to us that after a day at Happy Elephant, children's eyes light up brighter and they look forward to returning to their favorite nursery.
Our mission is to give every child the foundation they need
to succeed in adulthood. We believe that education is more than just knowledge. It is the development of a child's many different abilities: physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. And we do this development based on the things that are important to us - unconditional love, warmth and respect for children.
Our experienced and qualified educators use cutting-edge developments in early childhood education to make learning not only effective but also fun.

It is important to us to pay attention to children not only in a group, but also individually, so a well-rounded education
at Happy Elephant is guaranteed for every child.
Why Choose Us
At Happy Elephant we provide a safe and comfortable space for children to learn and develop.
Security in the premises: security gates, CCTV cameras
Alarm system: we regularly inspect and maintain our facilities in accordance with safety and hygiene regulations
We conduct regular emergency drills, and all staff are aware of safe building evacuation procedures
All classrooms are equipped with equipment that complies with Russian and British health and safety standards
Large and comfortable classrooms furnished for each age group
Transfer from home to Happy Elephant and back
The building is equipped with a fire alarm system
Spacious rooms located on two floors, suitable for learning and playing
A word to our founder:
"Dear Parents,

I am incredibly pleased to welcome you at Happy Elephant!

It's no secret that the early years of raising a child are the foundation of how they will perceive the world around them, create lasting connections, and effectively learn new skills in an ever-changing world.

Our goal was to create not just a good preschool - but to build a community of like-minded people who will bring joy into the world of our beloved children.

So in addition to an educational program and meticulous attention to every detail - from the selection of catering to the fabrics for staff uniforms - we created an environment in which every child gets everything they need to be successful and happy.

After all, it's all about their smiles and burning eyes.

I hope you are as eager as I am to join this journey
in Moscow!"


Ketti Perekrest.
Founder and CEO
Happy Elephant
Our teachers
The Happy Elephant bilingual kindergarten team consists of highly motivated, educated and qualified employees who meet Russian and international requirements for child care and development. Each native English speaking teacher is CELTA certified, first aid certified, has completed an emergency response course and has extensive experience working with children.
Our founder
Meet Ketti Perecrest, founder of Happy Elephant.

Ketti has been involved in children's education for over 16 years. Her love for this business has been passed down to her in her family, which has been successfully running educational activities for over 30 years.

Ketti is the daughter of Anna Kereselidze-Perekrest, who also ran public schools and university programs for decades, for which she was given the President's Award.

Like her mother, Ketti deeply understands the importance of education as the foundation for children's growth and development, and therefore makes creating a warm and productive environment for every child one of her top priorities.

Her commitment to giving attention and support to each child, as well as her interest in innovation and technology, has helped create the world-class program that sets Happy Elephant apart from other preschools.
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