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Welcome to Happy Elephant Nursery & Preschool! We bring children from different countries and cultures together, gently immersing them in an English and bilingual environment. Happy Elephant's team of educators provides a high level of care so that children can feel comfortable and happy in our nursery
We raise our future generation from an early age and comprehensively develop their personalities. For this purpose, we have created a safe and comfortable space and developed the best developmental techniques. We organize an English or bilingual environment from an early age. We do all this based on love, warmth and respect for the children. We are chosen by families who want the best for their child. It is important to us that children and their parents have happy and satisfied faces after every day spent in Happy Elephant
Parents have a choice of programs for children: English, English-Russian, Russian
Multifaceted development of children
In addition to learning English, Happy Elephant offers a variety of clubs and hobby groups, from music to sports and technology. There are also weekend groups where you can leave your child for one hour or the whole day. Under our supervision he or she will spend the time not only in a fun and interesting way, but also with benefit. The Happy Elephant team also includes a professional speech therapist and a child psychologist
We teach children not to give up at the first difficulties in learning English, but to persevere toward their goal
Multifaceted development of children
Active learning
Children must be willing to try new things, look for new challenges, and not be afraid to make mistakes
Games and research
Critical Thinking
Children form their own opinions and make informed decisions based on the information they receive
Modern realities are such that a person with a good command of English is a head of colleagues and competitors in almost all spheres of activity. However, it is very difficult for an adult to master English perfectly. Today it is proved that the formation of neural connections responsible for language skills occurs up to 6-7 years. And this is the time when the child is able to master English naturally, through communication and play, not through memorization
Why should a child learn English in a nursery?
Feedback from parents
A word to the parents:
Groups by age
All for their smiles and burning eyes! At our Happy Elephant, we provide the best start to your child's learning journey, as we offer three learning programs to choose from: English, English-Russian and Russian
Acquaintance with the surrounding world. Communication with adults based on trust. Gentle care, supervision and development.
Infants (7-15 months)
Nursery (1.5-2 years)
Comprehensive development, gentle care and supervision, acquisition of skills necessary for communication with adults and peers, learning about the environment
Middle group (ages 2-4)
Development of independent, creative and critical thinking through classes in math, literacy, art and design, music and rhythmics, etc.
Russian group (1.5-7 years old)
Comprehensive development of intellectual and creative abilities of the child, the basics of cultural behavior in the Russian-speaking environment. We are happy to provide the best conditions for your children.
Older group (4.5-7 years old)
Comprehensive development, language environment, communication and language, development of attentiveness and assiduity, development of personal qualities
Hobby groups and clubs
Of course, we consider the importance of extracurricular activities that help develop new skills for children of all ages. Our program offers a wide variety of activities for children ages 2-6 - activities include sports, music and design, creative and business thinking, and more
Early Development Group Nursery Class in English
Full care and supervision of toddlers from 1.2 to 3 years old Monday through Friday.
1.2-3 years
2 100 ₽
Early Development Group in Russian "Island of Knowledge"
Comprehensive lesson with elements of logorhythmics.
3 to 5 years
1 850 ₽
Early Development Group in English "British Island"
The group is suitable for gentle adaptation to full-day kindergarten.
3 to 5 years
2 100 ₽
60 min
60/90 min
90 min
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