Online Training
We have developed online training
The best teachers will develop an individual curriculum for each student that depends on the child's knowledge and performance in all basic subjects, as well as personal preferences in the sciences
and aptitudes. The program is designed for different ages
Every day we provide access to video lessons, our team, according to the age of the child and our program. The videos consist of 5 parts according to the classes (videos can be used at any convenient time)
Video class
By launching an online program, we can fulfill our mission to keep our children in the program, foreign languages, and invite new participants into our fascinating and educational world. And while the children will have a good time, parents will be able to be distracted by their own business. Developmental activities
in Russian, English and Italian
Individual online classes with teachers - native English speakers and bilinguals
It is a live communication-learning between the teacher and the child individually, with the provision of entertaining materials and tasks
Online group meetings with bilinguals and native English speakers:
This is a live communication-learning between teachers and children, with the provision of entertaining materials and tasks
What do you get in the end?
Schoolchildren and seniors
Training is aimed at language learning (French, Italian, Georgian), preparation for exams (USE and international tests: FCE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) and includes the following areas: language, physics and mathematics, Russian language and literature, preparation for the USE in all subjects
  • Children will be able to increase the effectiveness and continuity of knowledge and skills, and continue their development at home with professionals
  • All online meetings and videos are in foreign language
  • You won't have to think about what to do with your children at home
  • All you will have to do is click on the link
  • The structure is the same as the regime that is followed when you visit a child care facility
  • Short and appropriately structured video and online meetings, allow children to stay in attention and involved
  • Each video and online meeting is accompanied by tasks, materials, and instructions for performance
  • The video has pauses, so it will be easy for children to repeat and practice their skills
  • For the most creative and active kids, we've added videos on art, science, and cooking so you won't get bored
Prices for online training
English Online Program
With a bilingual teacher
950 ₽
10 000 ₽
Pass for a month (classes 5 times a week)
With a teacher who is a native English speaker
1 500 ₽
20 000 ₽
Pass for a month (classes 5 times a week)
Individual sessions
1 600 ₽
With a bilingual teacher
2 600 ₽
With a teacher who is a native English speaker
3 000 ₽
recorded daily in accordance with the program and age group
Preparing for exams (90 minutes)
9 500 ₽
Video tutorials
The Unified State Exam and international tests: FCE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
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