Development groups
Happy Elephant operates under the unique British EYFS curriculum, which promotes a holistic learning environment for children ages 3 months to 6 years. We believe that education should be built on a balance of clear structure and exciting play activities, both indoors and outdoors. We pay special attention to the social and emotional development of children
All the best for children
Language and Communication
Numbers, shapes, and measurements
Core subjects
We develop independent, creative, critical thinking
Literacy, including reading and writing
Physical development
Children learn to control their bodies, develop mobility and orientation in space
Children learn to count, compare, look for patterns, make connections, and work with numbers, shapes, and measurements
Children begin by singing, nursery rhymes, playing with rhymes, and identifying sounds through listening games
All children are encouraged to participate as speakers and listeners in a variety of situations,
for different purposes and audiences
Music and rhythm
We sing traditional songs, use scarves, rhythm sticks, and sack chairs to practice rhythms
Art, Creativity and Design
We explore different artistic processes: painting, drawing, sculpture, embroidery, collage
Groups by age
All for their smiles and burning eyes! At our Kindergarten, we provide the best start to your child's learning journey, as we offer three learning programs to choose from: English, English-Russian and Russian
Acquaintance with the surrounding world. Communication with adults based on trust. Gentle care, supervision and development.
Infants (7-15 months)
Nursery (1.5-2 years)
Comprehensive development, gentle care and supervision, acquisition of skills necessary for communication with adults and peers, learning about the environment
Middle group (ages 2-4)
Development of independent, creative and critical thinking through classes in math, literacy, art and design, music and rhythmics, etc
Russian group (1.5-7 years old)
Comprehensive development of intellectual and creative abilities of the child, the basics of cultural behavior in the Russian-speaking environment. We are happy to provide the best conditions for your children.
Older group (4.5-7 years old)
Comprehensive development, language environment, communication and language, development of attentiveness and assiduity, development of personal qualities
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