Balanced nutrition

The Menu at Bilingual Nursery & Preschool Happy Elephant is well-designed and meets all standards. It is diverse, balanced and necessarily attractive in appearance-the aesthetic properties of any dish are directly related to its appetites. Our daily menu includes fresh fruits, raw and baked vegetables, and fermented dairy products. The main advantage of the Happy Elephant menu is the absence of artificial ingredients: canned food, fortified drinks, packaged juices, food additives and fats. Berry fruit drinks, compotes and jams – everything is fresh and eco-friendly.

Separate delivery

Happy Elephant adheres to the principle of separate meals: we offer fresh fruit to children at a separate meal, so vitamins are better absorbed, during snack time – we focus on fermented milk products, and in lunch dishes there are always fresh and baked vegetables, but there is no sweet.

We pay great attention not only to the quality of food, but also to the food culture. We teach children from an early age to acquire correct table manners – from the age of 2, children eat independently with teachers, use a fork and knife.

Happy Elephant specialists are attentive to children with allergies and those who need special nutrition.