4.5 - 7 y.o.

Develop independent, creative
and critical thinkers

including reading and writing

Communication and language

Art, creativity and design

numbers, shapes, measurements

Development of attention and perseverance

Understanding the world
people, society, technology

Music and rhythm

Physical development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (including making relationships, self-confidence & self-awareness and managing feelings & behaviour): This area focuses on children learning to work, play, build relationships, co-operate with others and function as a group beyond the family. Aspects of PSED are constantly promoted right across the curriculum as well as in specific activities, such as circle time and discussions promoting a positive sense of themselves.

Children develop physical control, mobility, awareness of space and fine and gross manipulative skills both inside and outside. Dance, gymnastics and small game apparatus are all used in the curriculum.

All children are encouraged to participate as speakers and listeners in a variety of situations and for a range of purposes and audiences, using and extending language in an imaginative way. They are taught to express their thoughts and feelings.

Literacy (including reading and writing): Reading and writing opportunities take place in a variety of ways, some teacher led and some child initiated. The children begin by singing, reciting nursery rhymes, rhyming games and identifying sounds through listening games.

Also children learn about counting, sorting, matching, seeking patterns, making connections, recognising relationships and working with numbers, shape, space and measures. 


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