1,5 - 2 y.o.

Learn, Play, Smile

Fine motor skills

The main goal for our nurcery classes is to focus on their basic locomotor skills

Numbers and counting

Children’s math experiences expand as they count higher, compare more, improve patterning skills

Personal, Social and Emotional development

Children learn how to function in a group setting ~ that there is a time to talk and a time to listen

Your child’s first year of school will be filled with many fantastic moments, as it is a time of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Nursery is the perfect social environment for your child to develop positive relationships with peers and to build their self esteem. It is also a time for your child to begin to develop skills that will aid their learning.

In Nursery your child will begin to build their English vocabulary through the use of nursery rhymes, songs and picture books. They will begin to develop their listening skills, and will be able to look at books independently in the reading area. Your child will begin to understand and respond to simple instructions.

Your child will build up the strength in their hands to enable them to use one-handed tools such as scissors. As they develop better hand-eye coordination, they will start drawing and colouring beyond scribbles and will learn how to hold and use pencils, paintbrushes, and gluesticks.


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