2 - 4 y.o.

Develop independent, creative
and critical thinkers

Math including numbers and shapes

Literacy including reading and writing

Development of attention and perseverance

Art, creativity and design

Understanding the world: people, society, technology

Music and rhythm

Physical development

Communication and language

Matching: objects, symbols, shapes, patterns, etc. Sorting by various attributes: color, shape, size and arrange them according to specified patterns.

Identify numerals 1-10 and counting objects. Learn “more”, “less”, “same” and much more. Children are taught with hands-on materials, songs, and games.

Exposure to alphabet: letter names and sounds. We teach to hold a pencil, marker, crayon correctly and recognize, spell and write first name. We draw. We repeat simple nursery rhymes and fingerplays. We develop fine motor skills: play dough, scissors, writing utensils, Legos, etc.

We explore a variety of art processes: painting, drawing, sculpture, weaving, collage. We sing traditional songs and songs that enhance the curriculum. We use scarves, rhythm sticks, and bean bags to practice rhythms

Practice problem – solving skills in social situations. Practice using manners: please, thank you, excuse me, table manners. Take care of his/her own basic needs: clean up, fasten clothing, use tissue as needed, etc.


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