The group is designed for the development of children, as well as for careful adaptation to a full-time preschool.

Full care and supervision of babies from 1.2  to 3 years.
Cozy space designed to receive babies.

A multifunctional room that serves as a playroom, bedroom.

Each zone is completed with the necessary equipment for this age and is additionally equipped with devices that provide a special environment for very little ones.

Class Details
  • Price 1 750 ₽
  • Age1,2 - 3 y.o.
  • Duration60 min
Monthly payment
Once a week5 600 ₽
2 times per week10 500 ₽
3 times per week14 700 ₽
4 times per week18 200 ₽
5 times per week22 750 ₽
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